Corvette SUV Rumors Flare Up Again

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Will GM actually build it?

For years there have been rumors that GM will be spinning the Corvette off Chevrolet, making the sports car not only its own brand or sub-brand, but its own diverse lineup. Repeatedly, the hushed whispers indicate the first non-sports car in the Corvette brand will be an SUV or crossover. Considering how hot performance crossovers are these days, including crazy performance models, it seems to make sense.

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Perhaps that inherent logic is why rumors of the Corvette SUV keep flaring up more than ones about a Corvette sedan or wagon. The latest to really fan the flames is an article from Car and Driver, complete with commissioned renderings of what such a thing might look like.

The article claims GM will make the Corvette SUV to “fight the Porsche Cayenne.” Considering Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and others have done the same thing, this is a believable rumor. But keep in mind that for now it’s just that – a rumor.

Citing unnamed sources inside GM, Car and Driver claims the Corvette crossover will use the Alpha platform, the very same one used currently for the outgoing Camaro, plus the Cadillac CT4 and CT5. Because of this choice, there’s suspicion GM could make a smaller version to take on the Porsche Macan as well.

A lot of people are anticipating an all-electric version of the Corvette in the near future. We’re already getting the E-Ray hybrid soon enough, but with the automotive media pushing EVs like they’re the only thing under the sun, it’s surprising that Car and Driver claims the Corvette crossover will use a V8 engine. After all, the Porsche Macan is switching to EV-only soon enough and there’s the Ford Mach-E that wears a Mustang badge, to the chagrin of many enthusiasts.

One thing we’ve learned about these industry rumors: sometimes it’s journalists trying to get eyes on articles, and sometimes they’re “leaked” by auto executives. In the latter case, this is done to gauge potential interest from the public using whatever secret metrics. If they feel people are excited enough about the possibility of a vehicle, the likelihood one would be brought to market increases.

However, plans in the industry change constantly, especially lately with all the volatility in the world. Even if this talk started with GM executives, other forces in the company as well as external factors might work against a Corvette SUV actually being made. In other words, only time will bear out if this is just idle talk or will be a rumor that becomes truth.

Source: Car and Driver

Images via General Motors Design

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