EV Recharging Costs Surge In The US

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Don’t say I didn’t tell you this would happen.

I’ve been warning for a while about the energy crisis in the West and how entirely avoidable it is, including how expensive charging a car in Germany was getting last summer. We also warned that this problem would cascade to North America and here we are watching it unfold in real time. A new report from CBS News has declared that some electric car owners are noticing the cost of recharging their batteries has exceeded what they would’ve paid to fill up a gas tank.

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More specifically, the electricity cost crisis has struck New England with rates jumping an average of 30% versus summer 2022. At the same time, gas prices have come down from that peak amount in June 2022. That’s putting the pinch on people who drive EVs and plug-in hybrids primarily.

Not that long ago, we remember EV advocates running around saying the technology was superior to ICE engines because oil prices were far more volatile. And yet here we are with volatile electricity rates which ironically are being caused by green energy policies here and in Europe.

The CBS report skirts around the fact that New England electricity providers have been sourcing at least some natural gas for energy production from Russia. With trade sanctions imposed on the country for the invasion of Ukraine and ongoing war, that’s put the pinch on supply. Instead, CBS focuses on blaming Putin, who of course deserves part of the blame but not all of it.

Only a few years ago, then-President Trump warned the EU and specifically German officials that relying on Russia for energy in a quest to not source fossil fuels from their own countries would backfire. It’s particularly ironic for any part of the US to be so affected by the Russian supply of natural gas being cut off since the US is rich in that resource. Why the plan was to buy natural gas from a hostile country halfway around the world is a mystery.

While CBS tries to say you should “blame natural gas” for rising energy costs, in particular for electricity generation, the reality is the green energy policy push is to blame. It’s ironic that those who bought so-called green cars are suffering from green energy policies, but until a saner approach is adopted this will likely only worsen. Instead, CBS will blame Putin, someone we never should have trusted with the energy market.

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    Thomas Roke

    Thank You for publishing the absolute truth! There is no pie in the sky story here, but day to day living! This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m an electrician and I can tell you the vast majority of older homes in America have over extended 100 amp services that cant safely handle car charging. So you have to go to a 200 amp upgrade, another expense up to $2,500.00 before you spend thousands on chargers and the labor to wire them in. God help the elderly and working poor that need cheap transportation to make a living or simply go shopping or to the doctor.

  2. 3

    Anyway you look at it we must get off gasoline. Gasoline cars are dirty. Contribute slowly to making the world inhabitable. Cities stink from the emissions produced by their tailpipes. Are highly costly to maintain. Oil changes, transmission fluid. Transmission. Belts. Brake pads and rotors that have to be replaced. Electric cars use Regen most of the time. Living your brake pads to do very little work throughout the years. Not to mention the gasoline that’s highly subsidized by the government. Would be quite a bit more expensive to fill up your gas tank. Then throw in the billions and billions of dollars we have to spend managing and protecting oil resources around the world. Gasoline cars are the worst old school technology we are trying to keep around. Time to move on and stop fooling ourselves that they’re here to stay. Too many moving parts in an engine to make it our best source of transportation.

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