Ferrari Reports Record Orders

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The Italians are doing just fine.

Just like we saw during the covid pandemic, sales of luxury cars are stronger than ever. Benefitting very much from this phenomena is Ferrari, which apparently has a record number of orders stretching “well into 2024,” says Chairman John Elkann in a recent interview with Reuters. If you’re hoping to scoop up that new car from Maranello you might have to wait longer than anticipated.

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Elkann is attributing the bump in orders to the 296 GTS, a plug-in hybrid that’s rightfully getting plenty of buzz, and the four-seater crossover called the Purosangue. That’s not the least bit surprising since other premium automakers have seen big sales uplifts after adding similar products to their model lineup.

When it comes to crossovers, it’s not hard to see what’s attractive about them, even for a brand like Ferrari that’s more associated with exotic supercars than grocery getters. For starters, they generally offer more space for occupants and cargo. While Ferrari has sold a number of 2+2 models throughout the years, the Purosangue provides a roominess people obviously find refreshing.

Considering women influence the vast majority of vehicle purchases these days, and they often want to bring the kiddos or friends along for trips, it only makes sense for brands like Ferrari to add a crossover. Porsche figured this out about two decades ago and has been reaping the financial rewards since.

Another sad fact is that many populations across the globe are aging and older buyers like vehicles they can slide into and out of the seats more easily. This has fueled the fascination with crossovers not only in North America but in Europe and elsewhere.

As for the 296 GTS, it’s pretty much the polar opposite with a mid-engine, two-seat design like what most people expect from Ferrari. An evolution of the GTB, it offers breathtaking performance but the elite can plug it in and brag about shrinking their carbon footprint before taking their private jet to Monaco and boarding their yacht for a new adventure.

Ultimately, if you were worried the threat of a recession was hurting Ferrari and other premium brands, don’t. They’re doing just fine and seem confident the good times will never stop rolling.

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