Ford Mustang Raptor Rumor Is Insane

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And we really like the idea.

Off-road muscle car conversions have been a niche thing in the hobby for years and years, with different enthusiasts taking wildly diverging approaches to such a build. If a report from Car and Driver is to be believed at all, and trust us we have many doubts, Ford would be the first automaker to roll an off-road-ready muscle car off the assembly line.

Ford and GM are both retreating recently. Find out more here.

That’s right, the word is there’s a Ford Mustang Raptor model in the works and we absolutely love the idea. We have no idea if this thing is actually being considered by Ford executives, and if so whether or not it will become a production model. Plus, we don’t know exactly what it would be like as a finished product. But we still love the idea because it’s crazy and not just another boring grocery-getter crossover.

Supposedly, the concept being thrown around inside the halls of Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn involved a 500-horsepower 5.0-liter Coyote V8 paired with an automatic transmission. There will be no two-speed transfer case, however Fox Live Valve dampers will help with washboards and going off gnarly jumps, along with tall springs and beefed-up suspension parts. Car and Driver anticipates a two-inch lift, so nothing too crazy, plus all-terrain tires. This won’t be a Wrangler Rubicon.

In its report, Car and Driver says “this infatuation with turning everything into an off-roader has gone off the trails.” It’s a cute play on words, but we can’t disagree more. This movement will be a huge boon to off-road recovery companies everywhere. Having people with little to no experience and a vehicle which might not be built for conditions getting stuck all over will help keep those teams busy and well-fed. So I say bring on the factory off-road muscle cars. After all, Honda is trying to convince us the Pilot can navigate rugged areas with ease, so why not throw more fuel on the fire?

It’s entirely possible the future Ford Mustang Raptor will be pretty hardcore. Or it might be just capable enough that it excels on fire roads but will quickly get owners in trouble if they think it’s a rock crawler.

Now, enjoy this guy’s hill climb Mustang build while fantasizing about what Ford will actually do.

Source: Car and Driver

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