Automakers Pushing Back On EPA Proposals Warms The Heart

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There isn’t an industry consensus on EVs.

Too often, we see stories from different media outlets that seem almost designed to make anyone who isn’t buying an EV and celebrating it on Twitter as some sort of weirdo. Even worse, plenty of media coverage portrays automakers as being completely on board with the Biden Administration’s plan to essentially start pushing consumers into EV adoption. That’s far from the full reality, something we feel is important to cover.

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Recently, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a lobby group that represents automakers like BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Subaru, Nissan, GM, and Honda, offered resistance to the EPA’s proposal to require 13% annual average pollution cuts as well as a 56% decrease in automakers’ projected fleet average emissions over the requirements going into place in 2026.

Many in the auto industry immediately recognized the intention of these aggressive regulations: to force more car shoppers into EVs. The EPA even proudly admitted that was the goal, as if everyone would celebrate its bravery.

However, per a Reuters report, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation has said the targets are unrealistic thanks to supply chain problems for EV manufacturing, challenges with getting a charging infrastructure in place, and other issues so many of us have been pointing out for years.

While the EPA is myopically focused on air pollution, it’s not seeing the bigger picture. Thankfully Alliance for Automotive Innovation is spelling it out, saying the regulatory proposal presents “significant impacts to automakers, workers, consumers and ultimately the availability of vehicles that meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses across the country.”

Like it or not, the green car party needs to acknowledge their trying to twist arms and use other borderline/full authoritarian methods to win people over not only is backfiring, it’s threatening the very economic engine of the West. Instead of focusing so hard on how China is mandating EV adoption – it is, after all, a Marxist-Leninist communist regime, not a democratic republic – perhaps they ought to understand violating fundamental principles which have created the wealthiest and most prosperous civilization in world history shouldn’t be so idly thrown to the side in pursuit of the latest shiny thing.

There is still significant debate over climate change, man’s impact (if any) on it, as well as the virtues of using fossil fuels to continue easing human suffering and even provide greater prosperity. The West wasn’t founded on stifling dissension through force, setting the stage for rampant group think. That way of doing things more closely mirrors those systems which have sought to challenge if not annihilate constitutional republics like the United States. And it’s great to see more influential members of the auto industry are breaking ranks to question the forced march to net zero.

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