Hellcat Powered Superbird Pays Homage To Its Racing Legacy

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Even a brand new Hellcat is gonna have trouble keeping up with this Superbird.

NASCAR was an interesting sport in the 1960s and early 1970s for one reason and one reason only, the cars were real. By contrast, pretty much every new NASCAR that you see on the track is the exact same vehicle with a different body kit on it Which is disheartening to some fans. Back then, engineers could go pretty crazy with their design but there is one caveat. They had to make a certain number of cars for regular production available to the public. Rules like that, deemed homologation regulations, are the sole reason why we have cars like the Superbird and Daytona still alive to this day. This one takes full advantage of that history of excellence on the racing track.

Watch a cop PIT an Infiniti hard here.

On the exterior you’ll find a color that pops so violently and beautifully that you can’t help but stare at the corporate blue body. Everything from the wheels to the aerodynamic features have been either modified or maintained to give this car just the right appearance. It seems that the car is lower, so it could just be because of the larger wheels, 19s upfront 20s in the back. Either way it’s a very tasteful and aggressive style that most cars would love to emulate.

However the exterior is not the focal point of this car, rather that comes in the form of what is under the hood. Rumbling everybody panel of this original Superbird is a massive 6.2 L Hellcat supercharged V-8. This engine, from the factory, is capable of making over 707 hp but the designers of this automobile decided to crank it up a notch to 900 hp. It’s insane to think about how the original cars could go up to 204 miles an hour without breaking sweat but this car probably blows that number out of the water. Overall this is an incredible piece of American muscle car history and it’s made even better for the fact that it is indeed a real Plymouth Superbird.

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