Acura Flees The Cops And Takes A Bath

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This guy sucks at driving!

For some reason, a subset of criminals thinks the cleverest thing in the world to do when they’re pulled over by the cops is to wait until an officer approaches their car, then floor it and take off. If you’re going to pull a move like that, and we absolutely advise you to not, you better as hell have the vehicle and driving skills to absolutely roast the fuzz or the consequences will be severe.

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The guy driving this Acura TSX seems to think he can pull off just such a thing, only he doesn’t have the right ride and obviously sucks at driving, as you’ll see. Perhaps as he sits in a jail cell and dries out he can think about his life choices and his obviously warped sense of reality, because in whatever world he’s been living an Acura TSX is some hot ride that will absolutely blow past the cops.

What makes this even better is this guy has three cops stop him initially. What he did to warrant that kind of stop really makes us wonder, because that usually doesn’t happen right off the bat. Surely there’s a lot more to this story, because you don’t just get pulled over by three police units for going 10 mph over the speed limit.

If after 10 minutes of running from the cops they’re still right up on you, that’s a good time to reassess your presumptions about your vehicle choice and your ability to solve problems on the fly. Maybe this guy did just that and decided driving into a lake was the best way to ditch the cops once and for all. If that’s the case then he has a lot more thinking and assessing to do, because an Acura does not make for a good boat.

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