SEMA Stands Up For Internal Combustion Engines

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Not everyone agrees with the dogmatic EV push.

If you were to simply read big corporate media accounts of what’s going on in the automotive industry these days, you’d be under the distinct impression the internal combustion engine has one foot in the grave, shortly to be both. However, those of us who work in the industry and have been watching this so-called “electrification revolution” unfold for years and years know that simply isn’t true. Now industry powerhouse SEMA has run an op-ed blowing away the narrative that ICE cars are all but done for, something we need to be said more often.

Learn why so many EVs are being junked with few miles on the odometer.

The article, titled “The Future of Internal-Combustion Engines” written by Mike Imlay, executive editor at SEMA, lays out a great argument for a bright and long future for ICE. He points out how Toyota’s former CEO claimed the silent majority questions the wisdom of so rapidly switching to only EVs, dropping proven technology for the current trend. People often are scared to speak out against what’s perceived as “hot” in the moment.

As Imlay goes on to highlight, Toyota is far from the only automaker which has either openly or through its actions questioned this supposed status quo. While the corporate media in general has seemingly coordinated to push a monotonal narrative, the reality is many aren’t convinced a switch to only EVs in a matter of a few years is even possible.

Then Imlay points out all the leaps in efficiency ICE tech has made in recent times and the possibilities for more increases in the future. There’s still a lot of life left is squeezing power out of gasoline and diesel. Of course, SEMA often features some of these exciting innovations as they roll into the market, but the advances get little to no coverage from the big media outlets recently. How odd.

I’m always suspicious when everyone suddenly comes together and says a thing is true, ignoring or even crushing any dissent. That alone is a sign of groupthink overtaking, something which I’ve seen turn rather intelligent people into mindless drones. That certainly seems to be what’s happening with the dogmatic EV push these days.  

For the record, I don’t have a problem with someone who wants to buy an electric car. I do, however, have a problem with those who want to force everyone to buy an EV. And I absolutely have a problem with people who want everyone (that is, taxpayers) to help finance their purchase. If EVs are all their fans claim them to be, they should have no problem edging out ICE vehicles in an open, free market.

I’m glad SEMA has called out the unquestioning acceptance that ICE vehicles are dead and should be abandoned. You’re free to disagree, but the fact is there are many others who also think the EV push is overhyped but are scared of supposed ramifications for saying so.

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