Florida Man Goes Road Rage Crazy

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He threw everything but the kitchen sink at bystanders and the cops.

Road rage incidents can be wildly unpredictable, which is why we counsel everyone to avoid getting involved in one if at all possible, but one that just happened in Florida was even wilder than most. According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, a suspect named Raymon Hofmann stopped his Chevy Tahoe in the middle of a street in the Pacific coast county and started trying to ram any cars that passed his SUV.

Watch a journalist get attacked in a road rage incident.

Witnesses called 911 and reported that the guy escalated the situation, getting out of this Tahoe and hit cars with a tire iron as they drove by him. As you can see from one of photos, he broke the driver’s window on a Ford F-250, but the tire iron became stuck in the glass.

Without his original toy, witnesses told authorities the guy grabbed a nail gun and continued threatening people. By the time deputies arrived on the scene he apparently ditched the nail gun in favor of a good ol’ fashioned crowbar. Seeing law enforcement, Hofmann allegedly advanced on them while telling deputies, “You will have to kill me!”

For whatever reason, the guy decided to throw down the crowbar and then took off on foot with three deputies chasing after him. That’s when he decided to act like Jackie Chan, throwing a chair and a grill at his pursuers, only he wasn’t as adept as the movie star and so was caught.

The final picture of Hofmann shows him cuffed, leaning against a cruiser, and his shorts torn wide open, kind of like a toddler that’s passed out after throwing a fit. Once again Florida man struck, this time going on a wild road rage tirade that ended poorly for him.

Images via Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

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