Man Attacks Teens In Florida Gas Station Road Rage Incident

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Welcome to Niceville!

In an unintentionally ironic situation, an Alabama man started a road rage-fueled fight at a gas station in Niceville, Florida. According to Walton County Sheriff’s Office, 40-year-old Alabama resident Thomas Keebler, who apparently has had multiple brushes with law enforcement so far in 2023, attacked three teenagers at a gas station after they did something he didn’t like on the road.

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Surveillance footage from the gas station, which we’ve included, shows Keebler pull into the station ahead of the teens but not pull up to a pump. Instead, he blocks the teens in at a pump in what looks to clearly be an attempt to start something.

If you are followed by someone in a road rage situation and that person waits until you’ve stopped somewhere before getting out of their own vehicle, the worst thing you can do is get out of your car to confront them. Since there’s no audio with the video, we have no idea what the teens said, but you can see at first Keebler was tugging on the door handles of the Kia Soul because he wanted a face-to-face confrontation.

Like in so many incidents, once the targeted kids got out of their car, Keebler became more aggressive, eventually escalating to physical violence. He even at one point shoves the teen girl who got out of the Kia. She smartly runs off to find help as the man throws her friends to the ground and continues beating them.

The man that teenage girl called over seems to intervene and calm things down. Keebler then starts to climb into his truck, but not before another man can be seen walking towards the truck, obviously recording the incident with his phone, which he points at the back of the truck as Keebler drives away. That was a smart move because the security footage is in awful 480p resolution.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office says Keebler is facing charges for battery and child abuse. The man turned himself after deputies contacted him about the gas station incident. Keebler has a lengthy criminal history which includes assault, so he obviously has no problem using violence to make a point. This is why escalating road rage incidents is a bad idea since the other person might not have limits.

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