Drivers Behind The Wheel Of This Brand Crash The Most

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Everyone has their own bias about who are the worst drivers on the road. Instead of relying on stereotypes, LendingTree analyzed insurance data from QuoteWizard for 30 mainstream automotive brands, quantifying how many incidents per 1,000 drivers were reported from in a year’s time. The results are quite interesting.

Police Dodge Charger shows its dominance over a Jeep Gladiator.

For the study, “incidents” are defined as not only crashes but also DUIs, speeding, and other citations given to drivers. We’re a little shocked at number five being Mazda, although it’s possible those old “zoom zoom” commercials are still affecting people subconsciously.

Volkswagen at number four made a little more sense. After all, we’ve known many people who brag about how their VW is “built for the Autobahn” and that somehow justifies driving fast and recklessly. Number three went to Subaru, another brand famous not only for drivers thinking everyone else cares about their socio-political cause bumper stickers but also for driving super aggressively.

We’re sure Tesla landing in the number two spot will ruffle some feathers. After all, Tesla owners for the most part are incredibly easy to offend and we’ve been subjected to a number of them claiming they’re absolutely the best and most responsible drivers on the road. Seems that isn’t the reality by a long shot.

Nobody should be surprised that Ram came in at number one. Even Dodge muscle car owners know the grief of going 15 mph over the speed limit, passing other cars in the left lane when a Ram comes screaming up on you at over 100 mph, tailgating within one inch of your bumper and practically running you off the road. Ram drivers apparently have earned their infamous reputation rightfully, even if some are responsible and don’t behave like jerks behind the wheel.  

Even more interesting, LendingTree f0ound Ram drivers were the worst drivers in 23 states. But for some reason, Infiniti drivers in Rhode Island claimed the worst incident rate out of any brand in any state. So watch out for those guys.

However, the top accident rate out of all brands nationwide is Tesla, with Ram coming in a close second and Subaru claiming third. Now everyone can debate about why that might be while the Tesla fanboys cry about bias or some other nonsense.

Finally, BMW drivers came in at number one for DUIs by a long shot. They recorded almost twice as many DUI incidents per 1,000 drivers versus drivers in Rams, which came in number two. Subaru was third for this infamous dishonor.

Source: LendingTree

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