Mustang Driver Killed While Racing A Mazda3

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Was it worth it?

Street racing is a stupid thing to do, especially when you don’t go out somewhere with zero traffic and have your buddies make sure nobody comes along in the middle of the race. That said, it’s even more pathetic when you’re in a Ford Mustang and decide to race another person who’s in a Mazda3 sedan to prove something. That’s what a 60-year-old man reportedly did in Beach Park, Illinois recently, only he died in the middle of the race.

Portland street takeover ends with a shocking death.

Even though Fox 32 Chicago named this man, we’re not going to for multiple reasons. After all, if we were in a muscle car and decided to “teach a lesson” to some 26-year-old punk in a Mazda, then wrecked out and died, we’d want our identity hidden and for someone to tell our kids we died saving a bunch of grade schoolers from a burning building.

Perhaps this guy was driving an EcoBoost Mustang and so he really was curious if his four-banger pony could actually handle a four-banger Mazda – such details aren’t included in the local news report even though they’re the most important part of the story for all us gearheads.

Anyway, the Mustang driver died when his car hit a Honda SUV of some sort that was attempting to make a left turn. What a way to go. Thankfully the Honda driver only suffered minor injuries for the stupidity of these other two drivers.

In the meantime, the Mazda driver isn’t off the hook. Since he contributed to the race, investigators might bring charges against him. This is why you don’t street race, as tempting as it might be.

If you have a genuinely fast car and someone in a little four-banger economy sedan tries goading you into racing, laugh at them and keep driving normal. Trust is, it isn’t worth the risk of causing an accident or a cop seeing and your ride getting impounded. Besides, you should know mopping the floor with a Mazda should be easy, so there’s nothing to prove.

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