Charlotte Street Racers Kill Teenager

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Don’t street race.

We love fast, powerful cars but also know all too well how dangerous they are if used recklessly. One of the most reckless things you can do in any vehicle is turn a public road into a track as you race your buddy or a stranger for thrills. Yet that’s exactly what two men are accused of doing in Charlotte, North Carolina, killing a teenager all in the name of fun.

Check out the dirty underbelly of Swedish street racing.

Per local news station WCNC, the crash that took the life of a 17-year-old happened about 8:30 pm on August 5. Police were dispatched to the scene of a crash where they found a Ford Mustang with damage to its passenger side, concluding it hit a nearby tree. Sadly, Ivan Moralez-Galvez, who was behind the wheel, died form injuries sustained during the collision.

Also on the scene was a Chevy Camaro with extensive front-end damage. Police say the driver of that car, Paulo Alexis Ramos-Avila, ran from the area but they quickly found and arrested him. He’s now facing charges of second-degree murder, felony hit-and-run resulting in serious injury or death, and street racing. Street racing can catch you some serious criminal charges.

There was a second Camaro at the scene that sped off, but police were able to track it down. We imagine bystanders got the license plate. The driver, Javoris Williams, was arrested a few nights later and is now facing charges for second-degree murder, reckless driving, and speed racing competition. Oh, and authorities seized his Camaro, to the shock of nobody.

Police detectives believe the two Camaros were racing on surface streets at about 100 mph. For reference, the speed limit on that stretch of road is 45 mph so they more than doubled it.

Tragically, Moralez-Gonzalez was on his way home from work. The 17-year-old was making a left turn into his neighborhood when the one Camaro hit his Mustang, flinging it into the tree. In other words, the teenager wasn’t racing, he was just going about his business when the adult driver hit and killed him. We can’t imagine the pain his family is feeling. This is why we’re against street racing because innocent people can and do get killed.

Images via WCNC

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