Fire Chief Caught Vandalizing JDM Nissan 270R NISMO

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A fire chief in New Jersey was caught on camera allegedly vandalizing a rare JDM Nissan 270R NISMO recently. It’s a shocking act we would expect from some neighborhood thugs, not a person who’s supposed to be out saving the public when they’re in need.

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As the owner told CBS New York in an interview we’ve shared, Nissan only made 30 of these sports cars for the Japanese domestic market. They’re exceptionally rare, highly sought after by fans of the brand or JDM performance vehicles, and so is worth a fair bit of cash.

That makes what the police chief did all the more painful. Surveillance footage shows the chief throwing a Home Depot Homer bucket full of rocks, mud, and gravel onto the back of the rare Nissan.

We personally wouldn’t even do that to the junkiest Civic. That could’ve broken the window or done all kinds of other damage. Plus it’s just plain rude.

The owner says the Nissan suffered some scratches and dents from the alleged act of vandalism.

At the time of the incident, the owner of the Nissan 270R NISMO says it was parked next to the fire station but was on his property. He also claims the chief was upset about water from the victim’s sump pump draining onto the firehouse property. So he took it out on the car. Make it make sense.

For now, the police chief is facing a charge of third degree criminal mischief. Do you think that’s appropriate or should this guy be flogged publicly if found guilty? We think he got off easy considering what a lot of enthusiasts would do if he dumped that garbage on their 1 of 30 collector car.

In the meantime, the Nissan’s owner has lawyered up and we bet he’s getting ready to go after the fire chief and city legally. We can’t blame him one bit because what was caught on camera was something we can’t print, but you know very well what that is.

Image via CBS New York

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