New Jersey Teens Carjack Porsche

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This is becoming way too common.

We’ve seen far too many incidents of teenagers carjacking people violently in different cities lately. It’s happened yet again, this time in Atlantic City, New Jersey back on the morning of September 16 when two armed teens took a Porsche by force during a home invasion robbery, triggering a manhunt that included a car crash.

Watch a stick shift stop some teen carjackers dead in their tracks here.

The car crash and home invasion robbery were called in to Northfield police at about the same time. When officers arrived at the crash scene, they saw six suspects running away on foot. It was later discovered the vehicle that was wrecked had been stolen in Delaware.

Meanwhile, the other party in the crash was seriously injured, so that kept police busy.

Just minutes afterward, the call for the home invasion robbery came in. When officers arrived at the house, they saw the white Porsche leaving and gave chase. However, the suspects were engaging in what police call “extremely dangerous driving” so the pursuit was terminated.

The Porsche had an active GPS tracker, so police were still able to find it at an apartment complex in Wilmington, Delaware. They also caught two juveniles who are believed to have done the home invasion robbery.

Police believe after the teens crashed the one stolen car, two of them ran to the one house and stole the Porsche. After ditching the cops they picked up the other four suspects. Delaware State Police is working with Northfield investigators to figure out who the other kids are.

Like we said before, too many of these violent carjackings are being done, including by kids. Obviously changes need to be made to curb this trend, because it’s on the upswing in many areas and that’s pretty scary.

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