Teen Burglars Ask Cop If Their Stolen Camaro Is Faster Than A Cop Car

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We always find it hilarious when people who have slow cars think they can outrun cops no problem. Perhaps the issue is they know nothing about automotive performance or they have such a huge ego they think that powers their ride. But some teen burglary suspects decided to just ask a cop if their Camaro could outrun his patrol car.

Camaro thefts have soared in Los Angeles this year.

You might laugh at this direct approach but at least the kids were trying to learn something, even if their motive wasn’t exactly pure. We always applaud the youth when they take an interest in gearhead topics.

According to local news station KMID, six teenagers piled in the Chevy Camaro, allegedly to do a little bit of burglary in an Odessa, Texas neighborhood. This was back on April 3 and the kids didn’t have a getaway driver or lookout man, they just parked the car and scattered around the neighborhood to steal stuff.

This was back in the early morning hours of April 3. Someone caught a few of the teens on camera stealing stuff from a vehicle and called police, who responded to the area and started canvassing for the suspects.

That’s when they ran across the Camaro, which reportedly had been stolen. We don’t know what kind of Camaro it was, only that police touched the hood and felt it was warm, making it likely the suspects used it to come to the neighborhood.

After searching the area, police were able to track down all six teenagers and take them into custody. While they had all the suspects, one of them piped up and asked an officer if his patrol car could catch a Camaro in a race.

When the officer answered that it couldn’t, the kid allegedly turned to his buddies and said he should’ve stayed in the getaway vehicle. Yeah, not the sharpest stick in the bundle, that’s for sure.

We hope these kids stop trying to take what doesn’t belong to them instead of using this incident to learn how to burglarize better. After all, there are too many people stealing these days.

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