Thief Steals Armed Robbers’ Getaway Car

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Some armed robbers in Colorado had the tables turned on them when another crook stole their getaway car. That’s right, crime has become so bad that even the criminals have to be concerned about being the victims of crime while they’re committing crimes.

Armed robbers in Oakland PIT a victim’s car, then hold him at gunpoint.

This rather hilarious poetic justice went down in Commerce City, Colorado in the late morning of December 17. According to police, three armed individuals who were also wearing masks to stop the spread walked into a check cashing business and robbed it.

While the three suspects were inside a fourth person unrelated to them stole their getaway car. Police didn’t release details about the make or model, but we’re willing to gamble it was a Dodge, Kia, or Hyundai.

We also don’t know if the robbers left the keys inside the vehicle that was stolen. They might have even left it running for an especially quick getaway. If so, the temptation to just steal it must’ve been too much for some dishonest soul in an ironic twist.

Police said they don’t know if the getaway car had been stolen previously. Again, if we had to bet money we would say it was since that’s a pretty standard practice for criminals committing armed robbery. Then again, if these criminal masterminds left the vehicle running while they were inside the check cashing business, maybe they were also dumb enough to use their personal ride.

Without the getaway car, the robbers had to run away on foot. Police officers caught two of the three individuals and are currently looking for the third. They’re also trying to get a “solid description” of the stolen vehicle so perhaps they can also catch a car thief.

Thankfully nobody was injured during the armed robbery or car theft.

Image via Commerce City Police Department

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