Thieves Swipe Pricey Truck From Airport Parking

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The owner of a pickup truck worth $120,000 is fuming after it was stolen at an airport in Burbank, California. This is a common problem we’ve highlighted before and wish more people would better understand. Parking a valuable vehicle at an airport is almost asking for it to be stolen at this point.

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The 2024 Ram 3500 left in the airport parking lot was a ripe target for thieves. It was fully loaded and the owner obviously cared about it because he said he purposely parked by the attendant booth thinking that would ensure nothing happened. He was wrong.

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In this case, the owner of this expensive truck spoke with local news station Fox 11 Los Angeles to try raising awareness of the issue. He says thefts at the airport are “recurring” and that authorities “are doing nothing about it.”

After realizing his truck was gone and not that he couldn’t remember exactly where he parked, the owner saw broken glass where he’d parked. In other words the thieves knocked out a window right by the attendant booth, almost like criminals know no fear these days.

We know a lot of people haven’t gotten the message still that airport parking lots and garages are like shopping malls for car thieves. While the entrances and exits might be monitored and require you to pay to leave, that doesn’t seem to deter criminals one bit. After all, they know your vehicle will be sitting undisturbed for days on end, giving them plenty of time to break in and hack the ignition. This is true all over, not just in California, so beware.

The guy who owns this Ram 3500 has a GPS tracker and it and the thieves didn’t disable it. In the Fox 11 report they note it’s pinging from a warehouse in Tijuana, Mexico. Shocker.

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