Stolen Ford Truck Fights Arkansas State Police

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Arkansas State Police are one of the last law enforcement agencies we’d ever try running from. It’s not that we’re big on running from cops, quite the opposite, but if we were going to choose a state for going on the lam, Arkansas wouldn’t be it. This suspect in a stolen Ford F-350 obviously thought he could use the brawn and muscle of the truck he liberated from the oppression of ownership to make an escape, only he was wrong.

Watch a suspect in a Toyota Camry embarrass Arkansas troopers.

The truck was originally from Mississippi. How it came to be in Arkansas isn’t clear, but that move proved to be a bad one. First local police are on the tail of this hot pickup, then troopers join in and things really heat up. You can see from the beginning of the dashcam footage this guy is driving like he stole it and for good reason.

Troopers’ first real challenge comes when this guy brake checks one of them while alongside a semi-truck. That’s a dangerous move which couldn’t ended badly for everyone. It also establishes this suspect is willing to use real force to get away, foreshadowing what’s to come.

A PIT attempt doesn’t go well as the suspect starts really throwing the truck’s weight around. That’s when the chase starts getting really wild with more brake checks, swerving towards other vehicles, etc.

But a curveball comes when traffic ahead is stopped. Undeterred, the suspect veers onto the soft, grassy shoulder, seemingly getting the heavy truck stuck. But off camera it gets going again on a side road, the wild chase far from over.

Doubling back, the suspect almost goes head-on with a trooper but instead tries sneaking past his push bar. The little maneuver tears off the rear passenger-side door and bangs up the rear fender. But the stolen Ford truck just keeps on rolling.

With the steaks raised the gloves really come off as it’s announced over the radio that the pursuit needs to end as quickly as possible. There’s a real fear this guy is going to kill someone, be it an innocent bystander or a cop.

Build Ford Tough doesn’t include all this punishment nor the suspect launching the truck off the road and across a field, finally abandoning it looking like a heap of junk. We know all the Chevy and Dodge guys are going to have fun mocking this ending, but this Ford does genuinely take a real beating before giving up the ghost. We genuinely feel sorry for the owner.

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