Wisconsin Car Thief Suspect Gets Trapped In Porta Potty

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A suspect who fled a crashed, stolen Dodge Durango tried hiding in a golf course porta potty ended up getting in deep trouble when a golfer decided to tip that porta potty over. It’s one of the most hilarious things we’ve seen recently and honestly we want to shake the hand of the guy who brought about his own brand of smelly justice.

Watch a naked suspect fight with a cop and steal his vehicle.

The chase was happening on a road in Glendale, Wisconsin on the afternoon of November 15 with police hot on the tail of the Durango. That’s when the Mopar crossover hit a car head-on, crossed a median, and slammed into a barrier on the freeway. Four suspects got out of the stolen vehicle and ran for it.

Witnesses said two of the suspects came dashing across the fairway at a nearby golf course and realized they weren’t looking for an errant ball. By the time police drove through the course, one of the golfers got out her phone and started filming.

They saw one of the guys dash into the woods, but another one tried hiding in the porta potty. That’s when our hero said he didn’t think he just did what he knew to be the right thing. And much crappiness for the hiding suspect ensued.

You can see in bodycam footage the guy tipped the porta potty onto the door so the suspect couldn’t get out. It was a genuinely smooth move.

Sadly, police had to deal with the stinky suspect all the way to the jail. We hope he got a nice shower and has learned that a life of crime really stinks.

As pointed out by TMJ4, police had taken another call about this Durango being involved in another hit and run. That helped alert them about the Dodge and so when officers spotted it they gave chase. Ultimately, they were able to catch two of the four suspects who fled.

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