Repeat Offender In New Mexico Keeps Facing Zero Consequences

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Expired tags on a Cadillac Escalade and an attempted traffic stop was what started a lengthy police chase in Albuquerque, New Mexico back in January 2021. With dashcam and bodycam footage of the incident released, people are asking why the driver of the Escalade has been allowed to repeatedly run from police yet have his legal cases dropped, facing zero consequences for his actions.

A Tennessee teenager just keeps stealing cars.

In this case, the guy drove fast and crazy, thinking he was able to shake the pursuing officer. What he didn’t realize was a police helicopter was tracking his every move from above, allowing a group of officers converging on where he ultimately ditched the Escalade to find him with ease.

It’s great to see police track down suspects like this who think they’re being so smart. But it’s infuriating to realize that good police work is then squandered in other parts of the justice system.

As the YouTube channel which uploaded this video points out, the 20-year-old suspect named Brandon Lindsay has run from the police before. In fact, he reportedly has run from police five times total from 2019 to this incident in early 2021. His charges from this video were all “dismissed by motion” in court. It seems the guy hasn’t faced any consequences for his crimes. This is progressive non-enforcement of the law by prosecutors paid by the citizenry through taxes in action.

The 21-year-old female passenger of Lindsay’s who tried acting like she was just strolling through the neighborhood has been identified as Amanda Robinson. Even though she was charged with resisting, evading, and obstructing an officer, that charge was dismissed in court because the prosecutor didn’t show up to the hearing.

And people wonder why crime is so out of control in Albuquerque.

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