Ram Electric Truck Commercial Faceplants Into Cynicism

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They thought they were being so clever, but this was a cynical failure.

Ten years ago, Ram put out one of the most amazing advertisements ever produced, called simply Farmer. With a powerful voiceover recorded by Paul Harvey during his prolific radio career, it was a tribute to all those who toil away in the elements month after month and the machines they depend on to get things done. Just try to watch that commercial and not cry, I dare you.

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For its big Super Bowl commercial this year, Ram decided to take a much more cynical approach and put out a spot called Premature Electrification. With plenty of thinly veiled sexual innuendos and mockery of the all too many pharmaceutical commercials one might see during any professional sports broadcast, it was in all honesty a disgusting display. Sure, some people yucked it up over the crass humor deployed by the truck brand, but it’s a mere shadow of Farmer.

Sadly, this is the direction far too many are going in the auto industry. They’ve become cynical, bitter, and not just a little bit mean toward Middle America. This new commercial puts all that emotion front and center even if not everyone wants to acknowledge it.

While some might interpret the talk about electric vehicle range anxiety, troubling recharging a battery in different conditions, etc. as the ultimate roasting of electrification, it was actually intended to mock anyone who isn’t all-in on EVs. By and large, that’s Middle America that hasn’t been buying up Teslas and other electric trucks and cars as elites wonder what the hell is their problem.

We have plenty of displays of weak males in the media today and this commercial is rife with them. Some might think I’m reaching here, but again compare this to the image portrayed in Farmer – they are night and day in difference. Of all the brands I would expect this kind of a garbage ad from, I wouldn’t have pegged Ram. Actually, let me revise that: three years ago I wouldn’t have expected this from Ram. Now, sadly, I’m not shocked.

Ultimately, this Premature Electrification was made just to get people interested in the Ram Rev, a truck the company has to make because governments are forcing it in that direction. But to pitch it in such a cynical, condescending manner is just so… disgusting. Do better Ram and get back to what made you great.

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    Elizabeth Puckett

    I will say, I’ve driven two Ram trucks in the past week, and it does seem like ED commercials are pre-programmed into the radios

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