Conor McGregor Bike Accident Humbles Ireland’s Larger Than Life Fighter

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The mega athlete was hit by a car last month.

We all know Conor McGregor is sort of a brutish character, who is always overconfident in everything he does. That being said he also likes to make a big show of these things. However, at the end of the day he’s still a person and isn’t going to live forever. Recently, McGregor was humbled by an accident on his bike, pointing out a fatal flaw in road systems across the world. Sun traps, could you be a victim of sun traps yourself?

See a stolen car cruising through a mall here.

Essentially, the Irish MMA star was cycling a beautiful road path in what looks like Ireland, when he was struck from behind by a vehicle going around a turn. You might expect Conor to freak out and start screaming at the driver but, in a display of true humility, McGregor almost seemingly instantly realizes that this was not the fault of the driver but rather the road conditions at the time. Coming around the corner, the sun was shining directly into where the driver would have come from which led the fighter to realize it was a sun trap, a situation in which the driver would’ve been blinded by the sun creating the inability to see the road in front.

It’s clear that Conor was, maybe for the first time in his life, faced with the reality that he is in fact not invincible. That he, like the rest of us as a human being with vulnerabilities. The driver, apologizing like crazy, picked the bike up and drove it and Conor back to his home with Conor assuring the man that everything was ok and it was going to be alright along the way. Thankfully everybody was unharmed but the Internet got a taste of the real Conor and how dangerous driving can be in areas with a lot of sunlight and sharp turns. Be safe out there, and hopefully Mr. McGregor has learned a valuable lesson about his own mortality.

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