Repeat Offender Running From Police Causes Fatal Accident

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A local news outlet questions why he wasn’t still in jail.

You might have heard people complain about catch and release criminal justice lately and wondered what all the fuss is about. A fatal accident in Panorama City, California which happened back in February perfectly illustrates why prosecutors and others cutting sweetheart deals for repeat, hardened criminals often doesn’t end well at all.

Watch police chase down a car with a kidnapped woman inside here.

According to multiple reports, two people were killed after police backed off the pursuit of a stolen Toyota Tacoma being driven by Oscar De La Cruz. Even though officers had stopped chasing the man, who has a long history on the wrong side of the law, De La Cruz kept speeding and driving recklessly. Then he slammed into a Honda Civic in an intersection, T-boning and absolutely obliterating the compact car.

Like any coward, De La Cruz and the other person in the truck ran away on foot. Thankfully, police chased them down, but one of them put up a fight and was injured during what LAPD called “a use of force takedown.” Considering they ran away from two people killed by their actions, we don’t shed a single tear for them.

What’s even more infuriating is a fact CBS News Los Angeles pointed out about De La Cruz. The career criminal had been convicted of burglary back in March 2021 and was sentenced in February 2022 to 32 months in jail. Even if the man had been credit for time served starting in March 2021, the convicted criminal should’ve still been incarcerated in February 2023. So why was he out on the streets, free to commit more crimes and this time kill two innocent bystanders?

In a press conference held after the tragedy, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said De La Cruz was “wanted for a non-bail felony warrant.” Why was he let out of jail?

One of the victims was reportedly a father and cared for his aging father. Now he and the other victim riding in the Civic are gone, ripped away from their families. Obviously De La Cruz holds responsibility for what he did, but who will be held responsible for his being out of jail?

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