Teenager Repeatedly Arrested For Tennessee Car Thefts

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Police are frustrated with the revolving door of the justice system.

If one story helps encapsulate the car theft problem in modern times, it’s this one of a 19-year-old guy out of Tennessee. He’s been in and out of jail rapidly, always returning to stealing cars in the same places where he was caught before. Yet the justice system keeps giving him breaks, allowing him to reoffend and victimize more people in the state.

Learn who’s the latest scapegoat for the car theft problem in the US.

As detailed out by WKRN, Davon Harney has been accused of being part of a theft ring, stealing cars in multiple cities in Middle Tennessee. Police say he and his accomplices at one point decided targeting muscle cars was a good idea, at least in part because they liked rolling around in them.

We also know many muscle cars will fetch good money on the black market, so that had to be a factor as well. But, as we’ve seen over and over, there’s another risk with thieves stealing performance vehicles like muscle cars: when they run from cops, they go really fast. Since these guys are driving it like they stole it, because they did, there’s zero concern for safety on their part during police pursuits.

One police detective told WKRN that seeing the guy they just arrested in April get let out on bond 15 days later after the judge lowered the amount, only to have him go out and immediately start stealing cars in the same cities is “super frustrating.” That means he and his colleagues get to try catching these guys again.

Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if when police catch this 19-year-old again, a judge won’t lower the bond amount so he can get out of custody yet again. We see this sort of thing all over the country right now, which is helping keep car theft rates sky high as criminals are allowed to roam free in some twisted version of justice.

That detective said the theft ring is programming new key fobs to the vehicles they’re stealing. That means owners have to physically secure their cars to prevent theft, like parking in a locked garage. If they’re sitting in the open, those vehicles can be stolen within a few short minutes.

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