Minnesota Vikings Player Caught Doing 140 MPH On Highway

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The excuse he gave is pretty crazy.

Jordan Addison, a rookie receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, is in a bit of a trouble after a state trooper clocked him going 140 mph on the highway on July 20. We say a bit of trouble because we or anyone else caught doing this would be sitting in a jail cell, but there’s no indication in a report from local station KARE11 that Addison spent any time behind bars. We guess professional athlete privilege might be real for the star football player.

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According to the report, Addison was pulled over after getting clocked at 140 mph while traveling down I-94 just after 3 am on July 20. According to the citation, he told the trooper the reason he was going so fast was because of some undisclosed emergency involving his dog.

We looked it up and criminal speeding or what’s technically called “extreme speed” in Minnesota state code is classified as over 100 mph. Of course, Addison like anyone else is innocent until proven guilty. And we bet he has some great lawyers at his disposal, so almost certainly they will work out a great deal with prosecutors and maybe the NFL player has to do some community service the league already requires of players for public image management.

Minnesota code does say anyone convicted of travelling over 100 mph automatically have their driver’s license revoked for six months. We doubt Addison will be found guilty, so his driving rights likely aren’t under threat. However, he and Vikings coaches aren’t telling the media anything about the situation, which is of course a wise move.

If you find yourself in a situation where your dog or even your mother is experiencing a medical emergency, driving 140 mph to reach a care facility isn’t a great idea. If you were to crash at that speed, we can pretty much guarantee everyone in your car and any other vehicle you hit will also need emergency medical care.

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