Lamborghini Driver Robbed, Shot In Los Angeles

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Crime in Los Angeles has been surging for years, including car thefts and carjackings. However, it seems now some criminals are targeting victims based on how expensive their vehicle is. An unidentified man driving a Lamborghini was robbed and shot by three suspects, although oddly enough they didn’t take the car.

Dodge Hellcat owner shoots would-be carjacker.

It’s possible the suspects knew the man would be carrying a large quantity of cash on him. According to KTLA, the victim parked his Lamborghini in the Beverly Grove neighborhood just before 4 am on September 29. While he was walking away from the vehicle, the three male suspects approached him.

At least one of those suspects pulled out a gun. The report indicates there’s no information about what might have been said, but at some point the victim was shot. We know the Lamborghini driver was taken to the hospital but his condition was unknown.

A bag containing an unspecified quantity of cash was taken from the man. Fox 11 reports that not only was cash taken from the victim, so was gold and a purse. We’re guessing the money is part of a business the victim owns or runs and the robbers knew he would be arriving home in the early morning hours with that cash. In other words, this sounds like a planned robbery, not something spur of the moment.

Had it been just a crime of opportunity, we can’t imagine the suspects not taking the victim’s car keys and using the Lamborghini at least for a joy ride.

Police reportedly said the suspects were black males wearing all-black clothing. They were seen driving away in a dark-colored Tesla, likely one that was stolen.

While this crime is odd and not many details were released in time for the report, it does illustrate how dangerous Los Angeles and other cities have become. We’d never advise anyone to walk around with a bag of cash, but one would hope in a nicer neighborhood such robberies wouldn’t happen.

Image via Fox 11

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