Florida Woman Steals C7 Corvette With $60,000 Cash Inside

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Maybe not the best life decision.

Car thieves, especially those who just steal a vehicle on impulse, don’t tend to be horribly bright. However, we usually assume a newer, well-maintained GM model like a C7 Corvette has OnStar functioning. This woman who swiped the sports car from a restaurant parking lot in Nassau, Florida with $60,000 in cash inside obviously didn’t think that through.

Watch a man lead Indiana cops on a wild chase using a school bus here.

With OnStar and similar telematics services, the owner can have an agent track the location of the vehicle in real time as well as slow it down and even bring the car to a stop. This makes the job of officers responding to a call like this much easier. Instead of this being a high-flying, high-speed, high-fatality chase, it’s resolved rather peacefully.

The big question here is why someone has $60,0000 cash on them and why the hell would they leave that much money, or really any money, inside their car while they go eat in a restaurant? We know some will automatically assume a big wad of cash is drug money, and quite a few law enforcement agencies do the same, but the woman says her and her husband own a construction business and she just got a large cash payment. We’d recommend going straight to the bank with those kinds of funds, or at least holding onto it inside the restaurant, because an unattended vehicle isn’t exactly Fort Knox. What we do know is we don’t even leave $20 in the glovebox of our vehicles for this very reason.

But wait, there’s more: in the badgecam footage, we learn the husband had given the thief who was sitting on a bench outside a cigarette. When the woman commented on how nice the Chevy Corvette was, the guy gladly showed off the vehicle, opening it up, etc. That allowed the suspect to case it out.

But wait, it gets even better: the wife admits the $60,000 that was in her purse, which was sitting in the car, also contained her key to the Corvette. As with most modern cars, the C7 has keyless entry and ignition, so leaving a key inside means possibly anyone can walk up, open the car, start up the engine, and drive off.

You might think what this woman did was unusual, but you wouldn’t believe how many people leave the key to their vehicle sitting in the cupholder or center console all the time because they just don’t want to have to carry and remember it.

This is why we wonder if technology is making people dumber and lazier. The husband claims he just simply forgot to lock the car after he showed it off to a random stranger, who obviously saw the purse just sitting inside. What do you think of the whole situation?

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