Two Lamborghinis Stolen From Dealership Lot

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One would think a dealership which has a couple of Lamborghinis sitting on its open lot would also have at least HD security cameras in place, but that apparently isn’t true. Just look at the grainy, black and white footage of thieves swiping two Lambos from a dealership in Massachusetts and it really makes you wonder why dealers don’t invest more in security.

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The crime was committed on Thanksgiving night when the suspects obviously knew nobody would be around. They seem pretty casual walking around the lot wearing hoodies and probably masks, although you can’t see that much in the video. They also don’t seem to struggle getting the cars started, almost like they had the keys.

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As reported by local news station WCVB, the two stolen Lamborghinis have a combined value of about half a million dollars, so having nothing more than just a grainy, black and white surveillance video seems just plain silly.

We’ve seen plenty of dealerships leave all the keys in “safes” that take thieves about 30 seconds or less to crack open, making them essentially worthless. Many dealers seems to have little in the way of security. This isn’t the first one we’ve seen with absolutely crappy surveillance cameras. Why don’t they spend more time, money, and effort security their inventory?

A lot of people think every dealership heist is an inside job. We can’t say if this one is or not, but we know at least some are. That doesn’t mean the owner or management are in on the thefts – it could be a sales guy, tech, or some other dealership employee who knows how to circumvent the few security measures in place. Then they drive away with something that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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