C8 Z06 Corvette Engine Blows Up During Canyon Drive

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While there’s no question about the C8 Z06 Corvette being a performance powerhouse, not every owner is entirely happy with their purchase. As we’ve covered before, some people have endured catastrophic engine failure in their C8Z. Another example has been caught on camera, this time during a canyon run on Thanksgiving morning.

C6 Corvette wrecked out at Tail of the Dragon.

The video, which has been uploaded to YouTube and we’ve shared for your viewing pleasure, doesn’t unfortunately capture the fire which sparked in the Z06’s undercarriage. But you do see some plumes of smoke trail out from behind the mid-engine sports car.

You also get to see the trail of oil left behind as the LT6 belches that up, or down really. It’s not entirely clear what caused the sudden exit of lubricant from the V8 but in its absence a fire sparks and we don’t have to stretch our imagination about why that might be.

In the video you can hear the driver of the camera car yelling to the C8 Z06 driver that his Corvette’s on fire. That’s pretty helpful of him. But after the poor Chevy owner stops his ailing vehicle in the road, the guy filming pulls around him and continues on the drive instead of getting out and making sure his friend is okay.

We sure hope someone else stayed with this guy and made sure he wasn’t just stranded in the canyon. After all, cell signals can be a little tricky in that sort of terrain. The uploader responded to a comment on YouTube pointing this out, claiming that he didn’t “upload the rest of the video.” That portion apparently shows him returning along with the rest of the group to help the guy. Why they just didn’t do that right away isn’t clear.

As the kids say, it seems a little sus but sure.

Now check out the video footage for yourself.

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