Classic Car Owner Calls 911 As Thieves Steal It, Nobody Answers

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Having your car stolen is an infuriating violation. What’s even worse is watching people steal your car from your driveway while 911 just rings and rings without anyone answering. That’s what a man in Pierce County, Washington says happened to him and he wants to know why.

Maybe this guy should’ve invested in these.

The man, who is only called “Derek” in a local news report, said he was helpless while watching thieves in the early morning hours on a Saturday steal his beloved 1979 Chevy Malibu. From the photos, we can see Derek took loving care of the classic car, which wasn’t a rust bucket and had some nice customizations.

According to Derek, he finally got someone from 911 to answer after the thieves pushed his car out into the road and were gone. Fox 13 reports that South Sound 911 has record of Derek calling at 4:23 am, then hanging up. They say his wife called 911 at 4:25 and 4:27 am. But what they wouldn’t confirm was how long the phone rang before it was finally answered.

This theft happened back in September and even though we can’t find any more info, we hope Derek got his Malibu back in one piece. It’s more likely he didn’t get it back at all or that it was recovered, or at least part of it was.

But we wanted to shine a light on this case to show that you can’t always count on authorities to protect your property. A lot of law enforcement agencies have been forced to trim back for various reasons, including people thinking slashing police department budgets was a good way to enact some sort of justice. The result is you might not get a quick response in an emergency situation. That’s the sad reality.

Everyone reading this who owns a cool car, be it a classic or modern ride, should take the time to secure it better, especially at night. How you choose to do that is up to you. We could offer some guidance, but we know the car thieves read these articles as well, so stay within the confines of the law but get creative so criminals don’t know what to expect.

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