Apple AirTag Leads To Chop Shop Bust In Texas

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There’s been much controversy about New York City Mayor Adams telling residents to put an Apple AirTag in their car in case it’s stolen. That ruffled a lot of feathers, but all politics aside it wasn’t horrible advice, even if perhaps a mayor should do something more to combat the car theft problem. We’ve seen quite a few cases of an AirTag allowing an owner to get their vehicle back not long after it was stolen.

This criminal thinks he gets to lecture cops about how they do their job.

Then there’s this case out of Texas where an Apple AirTag placed in a stolen car led to police busting an alleged chop shop plus recovering two vehicles. The bust happened in Harris County, reports The Star and authorities believe the man running the chop shop, 36-year-old Ignacio Ulisis Castande, has been doing it since 2019.

The two vehicles, a Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon, had been stolen in Houston Heights using a wrecker which allegedly belongs to Castande. We’ve seen more and more car thieves turning to tow trucks as a way to steal vehicles easily. Some buy them legitimately and others just steal and use them for a time, stealing another one later.

Police say there have been dozens of cases where a black wrecker like Castande’s has taken vehicles in Harris County neighborhoods. In other words, the bust might have stopped quite the prolific and elusive car thief.

It’s interesting that such a small and simple device as an Apple AirTag helped with the recovery of the SUVs. While you certainly can get a more sophisticated GPS tracking device for your car, slipping an AirTag somewhere thieves might not think of looking for it isn’t a bad idea as it adds just another way to recover your vehicle later if it’s stolen.

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