C6 Corvette Eats It At Tail Of The Dragon

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Someone captured this dramatic photo of a C6 Corvette which slid off the road on Tail of the Dragon and had to be rescued by a tow truck. We found the image on a rather popular post for the Facebook group C6 Corvette Enthusiasts with plenty of people yucking it up.

C8 Corvette owner says valet took it for joyride, has video to prove it.

As someone rightly noted, with colder temperatures it’s easy for someone driving a sports car outfitted with summer tires to not realize the rubber compound hasn’t entirely heated up yet. They push the car a little too much and find out, careening off the road. In this case they’re in mountainous territory, so off the road means down into a gully.

Tail of the Dragon is a popular destination for many car and motorcycle enthusiasts in the southeastern United States. Some people travel to the area expressly to test out their ride on the stretch of road which goes from Tennessee to North Carolina, or the other way depending on where you start. But there are many accidents there, some of them pretty bad, with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office saying 165 crashes happened on its portion of the road in 2020 and 2021.

Most of those crashes interestingly enough were motorcycles. We’ve seen plenty of them cut over into the oncoming lanes of traffic and blast past slower-moving vehicles. It’s a popular place for riders to test their skills and some come up short.

While some people on the original photo post claim the C6 driver must’ve sold their Mustang and bought a Corvette, we’re not so sure. Yes, the stereotype is that Mustang drivers are horrible and wreck out all the time, but we’ve seen quite the uptick in recklessly Corvette driver behavior over the last few years. Why that would be is a mystery, but it seems to be getting worse.

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