Three Muscle Cars Decide To Race Right In Front Of A Cop

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We don’t recommend street racing at all, but we know some enthusiasts and other idiots engage in it. At the very least, you should select a stretch of road that you and your buddies can close off and that’s remote enough hopefully nobody comes along before you’re done having some fun. Then there are idiots like these three who decide to race on a highway with other cars present, including a cop right behind them.

See what one police department did to put the smackdown on a planned street takeover event here.

In the video, Arkansas State Police Trooper Nathan Williams happens upon three muscle cars racing: two Dodge Challengers and a Ford Mustang GT. The drivers are so damn oblivious they don’t notice a cop car behind them as they line up for a rolling start, then hit it. That lead up to the race allows the trooper to capture all their license plate info, assuming none of the tags are fictitious.

They apparently still didn’t see the trooper even after they raced each other to an exit as they all lined up like ducklings on the off-ramp to another highway. Or maybe they spotted a cop and thought he had just shown up so they started driving like a grandma in her Camry, acting as if they were completely innocent.

Singling out the white Challenger in the lead after having his lights going, Trooper Williams tries to give chase but is badly outgunned. The Mopar’s taillights start getting harder and harder to see in the distance even though he punches to over 140 mph.

The thing is even though the Challenger driver outran Trooper Williams, he apparently doesn’t understand a license plate allows the cops to track down where you live. Several units show up at an apartment complex and find the car parked in the lot. Then they take the guy’s toy, impounding it, teaching him a lesson about the true cost of street racing.

Now all police have to do is pay a visit to the other two wanna-be Dominic Torettos.

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