Metro Atlanta PD To Street Takeover Organizers: ‘F’ Around And Find Out!’

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In an effort not to instigate trouble for the city, we will leave the specific location.

A warning shot went out, fired by the police chief of a city located about 45 minutes (to 5 hours, depending on traffic and the way the wind is blowing) from the busiest airport in the world. The department had caught wind about a plan to ‘takeover’ the city’s Publix Parking Lot. If you don’t live in the south, I just want you to know that messing with our Publix is already going to piss people off, so the group was undoubtedly looking for a fight. The response issued, more of a warning, was a stern promise that if they try to bring mayhem to the city, they will be dealt with, swiftly. 

Did you hear about the mass shooting at an off-road rally over the weekend? Read about it here.

“Please be aware, we will have additional patrol units deployed tonight throughout the City to ensure your roads and highways are open and safe,” [X]PD Chief [Omitted] wrote in the advisory. “For any of those planning to come to our community in response to this ‘event,’ please know this. You will not be ‘taking over’ anything here. Along with our partners at the [Omitted] County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia State Patrol, we will have ZERO TOLERANCE for any form of racing, laying drags, blocking intersections, reckless driving, loitering or any other behavior that puts our citizens at risk. If you decide to participate in such unlawful behavior, your car will be towed, you will be arrest and you will go to jail. Period.”

At the risk of being accused of bootlicking, I don’t completely agree with the traditional dynamic of officers treating all car people like criminals. However, the group that does these takeover things are not car people, they are attention-seeking losers who are overly impressed by their own abilities to do sloppy burnouts and don’t seem to fully understand how donuts work. 

More problematic than possibly getting in my way to pickup delicious sliced Publix brand deli meat and BOGO Frank’s Red Hot, it’s the hostility these people leave in their wake towards actual car people – referring to them as ‘street racers’ in statements made. A large amount of the comments reflected that lack of understanding of the difference between these sideshows, and actual street racing is a real issue when it comes to goodwill between the public and real car enthusiasts. I’m not condemning street racing, but this ain’t it. 

Perhaps if these guys had cars with some real power, or they had notable driving skills, they wouldn’t be so easily amused. That aside, maybe more police departments should take note, because not an up-badged six-cylinder Charger or clapped out muffler-less VW was seen at Publix last night.

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