Cars Have Taken Over A California Bike Trail

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Everyone knows the pain of dealing with cyclists who ride side by side, clogging up traffic and acting entitled. But a reverse situation has unfolded in Sacramento, California with drivers taking over a bike path, putting cyclists and walkers in danger.

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It sounds like this situation has been going on for some time, with one woman saying it’s been over a year, claiming the practice has increased recently. But as ABC10 reports, a group of neighbors have had enough.

Those neighbors have been asking the city to install barriers of some sort to keep cars off the pathway. They believe it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or worse.

We’re guessing some drivers think the path is the perfect way to get from one part of Sacramento to another without traffic. Some people claim cars speed down the pathway, but we know speed is relative and there likely is no speed limit on it since signs make it clear cars aren’t allowed. So going any speed on the pathway is technically speeding.

Other instances of this type of behavior where drivers take over bike and foot pathways seem to be of growing concern in some cities. Since we ourselves and plenty of our loved ones use paths like this, we have a personal concern about this obviously dangerous and selfish behavior.

There’s a simple solution to this problem: bollards. Why the city of Sacramento doesn’t just install a series of bollards at entrances and periodically along the pathway, making it impossible for anything larger than a bicycle to pass through, is beyond us.

Even though there are cyclists who are completely inconsiderate or worse on roads, we don’t think that justifies driving on bike paths. Everyone needs to be a little more civil and stick to the rules of the road, even if it means getting somewhere takes a few more minutes.

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