Cyclist Injures Dogs In Alleged Road Rage Attack

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A driver in Washington, D.C. claims a cyclist attacked his vehicle, injuring the victim’s dogs which were riding in the backseat at the time. This is yet another road rage incident between someone on two wheels and a victim on four wheels in what we hope isn’t a trend.

Teenage girl shot dead in road rage attack.

This case, which allegedly happened on the afternoon of January 2 started with the victim honking at the cyclist. The victim claims the other man was weaving in and out of lanes, creating a dangerous situation and that’s why he honked.

However, as is often the case, it seems the cyclist took the honking to be a form of aggression. It doesn’t help that some people on the road use their horn as if it were some sort of weapon. With that supposed threat, the cyclist allegedly threw rocks through the rear window of the car.

The two small dogs in the backseat stepped on the broken glass, cutting their paws. While the victim says he followed the aggressor for a bit and took photos, eventually the cyclist got away by turning on a one-way street.

D.C. police did respond to the victim’s home, finding the car with the broken rear window, but it sounds like they’re still searching for the cyclist to get his side of the story.

As pointed out by a reporter at Fox 5, the road in question has parked cars on both sides, a bike lane, and a single lane for cars. This is a fairly common setup in many urban areas, but we know many cyclists complain about vehicles driving in the marked bike line and drivers complain about bicycles riding in their lane of travel.

Sometimes these disagreements between cyclists or motorcyclists and drivers end in violence, which is always unfortunate. If people are concerned about their safety, it doesn’t make sense to get into a physical confrontation, yet that’s exactly what allegedly happened in this case.

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