Mexican Thieves Try Boosting Pickups Off A Train

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The car theft problem goes far beyond the United States, with Mexico getting on the action as well. One of the most dramatic recent examples comes out of Gomez Palacio in the state of Durango where thieves tried stealing a Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon out of a train car.

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You can see from the photos the thieves weren’t successful as they tried working quickly at about 1 am on December 28. Somehow, they were able to open one of several stationary storage cars on the train, driving out the GMC Canyon and getting the Chevy Colorado hung up on the edge of the train car.

As you can see, the poor Canyon took quite the beating as these guys tried getting out of there in a hurry, the thieves ultimately being chased off by police patrolling in the area, says Debate. Even though the criminals were reportedly armed, it seemed they didn’t want to get in a firefight with law enforcement, at least not over these two trucks.

Perhaps they realized the value of both, especially the GMC, was greatly diminished by their boneheaded attempt to unload without ramps or other equipment. Also, much of the damage done to the Canyon was from a train passing by that hit it, but it’s not clear if that was before or after the thieves fled.

Both trucks look like they’re possibly new, so they could have been in transit from the factory to a dealer in Mexico. At least that means they’re likely insured. And while the Colorado probably only needs a little work to get back in good order, the Canyon is possibly totaled, depending on possible structural damage which would be revealed once those mangled body parts are removed.

Many people are wondering if Dominic Toretto is responsible for this crime. The reality is with a burgeoning black market for hot vehicles, especially trucks, these types of heists have become all too common.

Images via Emergencias Region Centro Sur

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