Ford Mustang Splits In Half In Horror Crash

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Racing on public roads not only is dangerous for everyone else on the road, it could cost you dearly. While it hasn’t been confirmed a horror crash where a Ford Mustang was split in half and the driver died was a case of street racing, reports indicate California Highway Patrol suspects it might have been after interviewing witnesses.

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The crash, which happened on the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills, California on the afternoon of December 2, was preceded by the Mustang and another car reportedly speeding through traffic. We’ve all seen cars racing through highway traffic, weaving among the different lanes as they try beating each other in some dumb race before and it’s always a scary sight.

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According to CHP, the Mustang had some sort of “encounter” with another car. We assume that means a collision but can’t be sure since that’s not spelled out. After that the pony car veered off the freeway, hitting a pole with such force the vehicle was ripped in two.

After the collision, the Ford burst into flames. Good Samaritans who stopped tried throwing dirt on the flames to extinguish them. They also pulled the driver, identified as Erick Quezada Osuna, from the wreckage. Sadly, he was declared dead at the scene by first responders.

If Osuna was racing someone else, you can be sure CHP is looking for that other car. Dashcams might have captured its plate, making tracking down the other party easy.

We love fast cars and pushing the envelope, but public roads aren’t the place for that sort of thing. Take it to the track, everyone.

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