Shelby Owner Documents His Crimes Online For Police

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Breaking the law while advertising your Instagram account is just plain dumb and desperate.

We’re always amazed at these clout chasers who drive modified cars and break countless laws all while advertising their Instagram account down the side of their ride. They’re so desperate for attention online, perhaps because their mommy would only show them any affection after they cleaned the whole kitchen with a toothbrush. That’s the only possible motivation we can attribute to this owner of two Shelby GT500s who mocked and trolled police online until he got busted, all thanks to his rather thorough social media posts.

Watch a Camaro dust a pursuing cop here.

Long story short, this guy with the Instagram handle issa.gt500 proudly displayed his quiet plate online that reads “Will Run.” California Highway Patrol South Los Angeles saw this on Instagram and messaged the guy, asking if an officer were behind him would he actually take off and lead them on a chase. His response: “F*** around and find out” with a kissy face emoji after. Cute.

Once the Houston Police Officers’ Union Facebook page found out about this exchange, the people who run that account started digging. It wasn’t too hard for them to piece together exactly where this guy lives because he posted images of street signs near his house, a photo of his two GT500s sitting in his garage with the house number posted right above, and other stuff any good detective/researcher can gather with minimal effort.

So many of these online clout chasers think they’re anonymous because they put a quiet plate on their car before going out to break the law. But their Instagram handle on the side of the vehicle and a trail of posts disclosing just about everything concerning their life, or whatever they call a life, makes catching them far easier.

Not too long after, Instagram account ticketdismissers posted an image of a CHP officer holding up the “Will Run” quiet plate, a big smile on his face. So issa.gt500 finally got busted, probably with Houston Police Officers’ Union Facebook page feeding some valuable information to investigators.

There are plenty of ways to have fun with cars legally. If these guys would go race at tracks, participate in charity cruises, and maybe think of someone other than themselves for five minutes, they might realize why their online thirst for attention doesn’t make them even remotely happy.

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