This Is What The Cybertruck Looks Like After A Rollover

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There’s plenty of buzz around the Tesla Cybertruck as the first in line for the all-electric pickup eagerly anticipate its market launch. In part the anticipation surrounds uncertainty about the incredibly unconventional truck. One burning question some had was answered when images of a rollover test conducted by Tesla were leaked online.

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Apparently, a TikTok account that isn’t particularly large and is run by CTL Logistics leaked the images, although the video was quickly taken down afterward. Still, Tesla fans quickly took screenshots and so we have those to share with everyone.

While one image shows some plastic cladding that broke off the truck thrown in the bed, a fleeting image down the driver’s side of the Cybertruck shows those stainless steel panels took quite the beating, with the misalignments and gaps in between further pronounced than what we’ve seen to this point.

The more important question is how the occupants would fare in such a crash. While we don’t have more than a partial image of the cabin after the Cybertruck was strapped to the back of a wrecker, the occupant cell appears to have largely held up. The glass canopy concaved a little bit, but considering its height, we doubt that would’ve meant head or spine injuries.

Keep in mind, this test supposedly was done by driving the Tesla at speed into a ditch, flipping it. This isn’t a controlled test like what NHTSA or IIHS would perform but it isn’t dissimilar to similar tests conducted by Volvo or other automakers.

Of course, we have yet to see the aftermath of the first real-world crash involving a Tesla Cybertruck in the hands of a consumer. Undoubtedly, that’s coming sooner than later, especially since it seems more performance-oriented vehicle releases involve some overly enthusiastic new owner crashing mere hours after taking delivery.

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