Father Of Four Killed In Street Racing Crash On Father’s Day

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How incredibly tragic!

Father’s Day should be a time of celebrating the man who helped raise you and set a good example, not of mourning his death only hours before. Yet a family in the Denver area got to deal with at exact situation after their patriarch was killed in a street racing incident.

Florida driver found guilty of causing fatal accident while texting behind the wheel.

This time, instead of the 70-year-old single father of four being hit by a street racer as he was going about his business, the man was the passenger in a Camaro witnesses claim was racing another car. They described to police how the muscle car was weaving through traffic while going over 120 mph, according to a report from The Denver Gazette.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the driver of that Camaro, who wasn’t named, hit a bump in the road, lost control of the Chevy, then hit a garage. The muscle car burst into flames. We imagine it will take some time for the coroner to determine if the driver and passenger were killed by the impact or the fire.

Either way, what sounds like a spontaneous street race on a busy stretch of road turned what should’ve been a joyous day into one of mourning. We understand the thrill of racing, the desire to see if your car is able to outrun something impressive, but we also have seen over and over how racing on city streets can go sideways in a hurry.

Even racing in a controlled environment on a track that’s perfectly level, has barriers and other safety provisions, etc. can end in a serious accident, even death. The difference is on a racetrack everyone there should understand the risks and have taken them on willingly. On a public road people have only assumed the regular risks of driving, not of high-speed racing.

While it’s sad this father lost his life along with the driver of the Camaro, we’re grateful nobody else was seriously hurt or killed in the crash. Weaving through traffic at high speeds usually ends with some innocent bystanders getting caught in the crossfire. Plus, the report mentions the Camaro narrowly missed some pedestrians when it left the road. Street racing isn’t worth the risks.

Image via The Denver Gazette

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