SUV Rams LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Repeatedly

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Law and order needs to be restored in California.

You’ve probably seen plenty of videos of people just walking into stores in California and taking whatever they want. While that’s pretty shocking, what’s even more overt is this suspect ramming a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy repeatedly with their SUV. It’s almost like criminals in the area believe law enforcement is completely neutered, unable to stop them from doing whatever they please.

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According to KTLA5, which also uploaded video of the incident we’re sharing, the incident in question happened at about 4:30 am on June 22 at the intersection of Eastern and East Florence avenues in Bell Gardens.

There’s already tire smoke in the air, so we’re wondering if the SUV was doing some sort of street takeover “tricks” in the intersection when the deputy intervened. Whatever precipitated the first collision isn’t clear, but the video begins with the suspect slowly driving up to the deputy’s Ford Explorer and ramming the back driver’s corner, spinning it a quarter turn.

You can hear someone laughing in a mocking tone, so perhaps those are friends or people who just enjoy lawlessness and hate all cops (there’s seems to be a lot of that in California these days). As the deputy shines his spotlight into the driver’s window of the SUV, the suspect hits reverse, slams it in drive, then guns it, rear tires spinning, and hits the side of the patrol vehicle hard.

The fact the deputy didn’t open fire right then is pretty amazing. It’s been well-established in case law that vehicles used this way are considered deadly weapons, any cop is justified in shooting a suspect who’s just ramming them like this.

Receiving no response, the suspect rams the deputy again and that’s when we hear the first shot go off, but only one. Again, we’re not sure why the deputy didn’t just mag dump the suspect at this point because it seemed pretty clear he was determined to hurt or kill the deputy.

Sure enough, he backs up and goes for another hit, knocking the patrol vehicle harder than any of the other times by far. And that’s when the deputy starts sending a hailstorm of bullets into the suspect’s SUV, which keeps reversing slowly while turning right in a circle.

KTLA5 reported both the suspect and deputy were injured and hospitalized in this exchange. The name of the suspect wasn’t released and he was only described as a Hispanic male. An investigation is ongoing but nobody has said anything about a possible motive.

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