Denver Criminal Causes Crash And Carjacks An Innocent Woman

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Are these the people we’re supposed to feel sorry for?

We think some people played GTA IV, never realizing it was a fantasy and not a guide on how to live life. This report out of Denver shows how a guy caused a multiple-vehicle crash, jumped out of the car he was in, then carjacked a woman just like what you do in GTA. Also, Denver crime is a real problem.

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As reported by Fox31 Denver, a silver Kia hit multiple vehicles when it ran a red light. Unsurprisingly, the suspect was running from law enforcement after deputies identified the Kia as stolen. After crashing, this lovely individual ran away in yet another attempt to escape the consequences of his actions.

Some witnesses tried chasing the suspect down. We get why anyone would do that, but there’s a good chance someone who’s stealing cars or at least driving around in stolen cars also has a gun and isn’t afraid to use it indiscriminately. That’s just a sad reality, so we’re glad nobody who pursued this guy was shot.

A witness told the reporter the guy then carjacked “an old lady” and escaped in her car. See, these criminals don’t care about anyone but themselves. But we’re constantly told we should feel sorry for them, which supposedly justifies prosecutors and judges giving them light consequences. After all, they’re the true victims of society.

As we’ve covered before, Colorado has been suffering a tremendous increase in car thefts over the past several years. With the pandemic long over, that no longer can be blamed for every societal problem, so people are having to come to grips with the fact perhaps treating car thieves and other criminals like victims instead of aggressors is backfiring. With such crimes left largely unchecked for so long, it’s going to take more steps and time to get things back under control.

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