Spike Strips End Police Chase In An Unusual Way

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It’s amazing how many people are driving around at any given time with active warrants for their arrest. The average law abiding citizen likely has no idea how common such a thing is, but police encounter these people all the time. That’s the situation with this woman who makes a run for it in her Hyundai, only for spike strips to end the chase in an unusual way.

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The Arkansas trooper first takes note of the Hyundai in front of him as it follows a semi-truck too closely. Since the woman has an active warrant, she’s probably nervous about having a cop behind her, which might be why she’s following the semi-truck so closely.

We can only imagine how tiresome it is to constantly worry that some police officer is going to pull you over and arrest you for having a warrant. That doesn’t justify running like how this woman does once the trooper tries pulling her over.

After all, if you’re already in some trouble with the law, a great way to compound that is to lead police on a felony chase. The only thing running does is make a bad situation worse.

But this woman does it anyway in a car that quite frankly isn’t a great getaway vehicle. Anxiety usually doesn’t help with critical thinking skills.

The chase itself is rather uneventful. It does get to over 130 mph but even at those speeds it feels quite tame. Unlike some fleeing suspects, this woman doesn’t seem to have a death wish.

As the chase continues, instead of doing a PIT maneuver, ASP decides to set up spike strips further down the road. The pursuing trooper backs off so his tries don’t get stuck. By the time he comes up to where the strips are deployed, the suspect has stopped in front of them and surrendered.

We guess punctured tires are more serious than picking up a felony fleeing charge. Amazing.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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