Mom Takes Her Kids On A Police Chase

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Some moms indulge their kids with breakfasts in bed and regular trips to Disneyland, but this Arkansas mom thought it was better to take her little ones on their first police chase. We don’t imagine this lady will be winning any Mother of the Year awards for this stunt.

8-year-old calls mom after being kidnapped by a carjacker.

Back on February 25, an Arkansas trooper received the request from local police in the West Memphis area to help with the pursuit of a Buick LaCrosse. Little did he and the pursuing officers know there were kids in the sedan and their mother was behind the wheel.

Fortunately, the female driver followed a predictable trajectory and so the trooper was able to wait for the chase to come to him. Once the trooper gets into position, he’s able to start tailing the suspect easily.

As the chase continues down a more rural two-lane road, some oncoming cars veer towards the Buick, almost causing an accident. The trooper remarks over the radio about that and seems surprised at their behavior and possible motivation.

While we don’t know why those drivers almost caused a head-on collision, we suspect they saw police lights and nervously stared at them. Target fixation is a real problem, which is why drivers shouldn’t stare at anything on the road.

Then the trooper spots the kids in the backseat and that changes everything. We imagine many members of Arkansas State Police, like a lot of cops, are parents. Even those who aren’t probably consider protecting children to be a top priority.

Knowing there are kids in the Buick presents a problem. ASP is famous for its high-speed PITs, but to risk the little ones getting hurt because their mom is being irresponsible seems like a bad move. Instead, the trooper gets up right behind the fleeing car and yells stop as the mother rolls down the window to gesture kindly at him, bless her heart.

Instead of pitting the Buick, the trooper gets alongside it, forcing the car off the road. But it seems to handle that just fine, so perhaps it’s an all-wheel-drive LaCrosse? But the suspect slows down to under 20 mph while driving through a field, so the trooper takes that opportunity to do a low-risk PIT, bringing the chase to an end.

While the kids sound traumatized, they at least don’t appear to have been physically injured.

The big question is what does everyone think should happen to the mother? Just what kind of woman takes her children on a high-speed police chase? Let us know what you think.

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