World’s Best Dad Leads Nashville Police On high-Speed Chase With 4 Kids In His Dodge Charger

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A high-speed chase earlier this month involving Metro Nashville Police led to the arrest of 33-year-old Claude Maney, who allegedly had his four children — ages 2, 6, 8, and 10 — unsecured in the back seat of his black Dodge Charger.

This is why you don’t pull a gun on someone towing your car.

The incident occurred on Oct. 4 as Maney was driving along N. Dupont Avenue near Rio Vista Drive. Officers, aware of multiple warrants for Maney’s arrest and his suspended license, tried to pull him over. Instead of complying, Maney reportedly accelerated, disregarding stop signs, speeding through a residential area, and swerving into oncoming traffic lanes.

According to the affidavit, the car eventually stopped at a home on Archwood Drive to drop off an individual. This passenger later informed police about the presence of Maney’s children in the car, emphasizing that none were in car seats during the pursuit.

Authorities later apprehended Maney, charging him with evading arrest, multiple counts of aggravated child endangerment, driving on a suspended license, being a felon in possession of a handgun, among other charges.

Source: News 9 ABC

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