C7 Corvette Goes Flying And Crashes In Wild Video

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Kids have always done dumb things in cars, something which probably will always be true. However, we’re pretty sure the allure of becoming “famous” on TikTok and other social media platforms has encouraged even more kids to engage in automotive stunts. We don’t know if that’s what this C7 Corvette jump in Pittsburg was all about, but it sure sounds to be something along those lines.

Mexican thieves trying stealing trucks off a train. It didn’t go so well.

We’ve seen similar stunts in other cities involving other sports cars, muscle cars, trucks, even electric cars. Sadly, kids who have jumped the ride daddy bought for them, possibly doing structural damage to it and sometimes wrecking out gloriously, even ending up in the hospital, were doing it just for that sweet, sweet online fame.

You can hear in footage shared by local news station WTAE some guys laughing and otherwise carrying on after the speeding C7 Corvette catches some air in a four-way intersection, landing hard on the street afterwards as the chassis kicks up a shower of sparks.

While that would be enough to possibly do serious damage to a car and require someone to get their back realigned, the American sports car kept going. It eventually careened out of control into a building. That’s when the guys filming and watching really howled and laughed, just like what they do at street takeovers when someone wrecks out or a pedestrian is hit.

In other words, crashing cars and doing other stupid things is all just a game to these kids. Unfortunately, the driver and passenger in the C7 were both injured, although we don’t know any details. All that will probably be revealed in a TikTok video at a later date – gotta get that social media credibility and revenue share payout, after all.

Image via WTAE

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