The Is The First Stolen C8 Z06 Corvette

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Usually, car dealerships don’t brag about a car having been stolen, but apparently that’s not the case when you’re selling the first stolen C8 Corvette Z06. Maybe that’s because everyone and their grandma’s dog is trying to get their hands on one of these. Also, the mid-engine sports car doesn’t appear to have been damaged in the heist or afterward.

Watch a C8 Z06’s engine blow up.

In the video about this vehicle, which we’ve graciously included for your viewing enjoyment, the guys at Corvette Warehouse say they believe it was stolen by the transport company. We’d love to say that revelation is shocking and not even possible, but we’ve seen that sort of thing happen more than a few times. Be careful who you hire to transport your car, especially when it’s something as rare and valuable as this C8 Z06.

They mention that it’s still in the break-in period, so this Chevy is still quite fresh. It sure looks brand new and the color combo of white with black trim, black wheels, and red calipers makes for one hell of a presentation.

Not surprisingly, the thieves tore out the OnStar system to keep the owner from tracking the location and shutting down the engine remotely. With that bit of sabotage, the alarm keeps going off as these guys open the door in the video, so that’s kind of annoying. But for the right price we’re sure someone could figure out a solution while enjoying a sweet C8 Z06 Corvette.

Another potentially big issue is that the thieves probably weren’t following GM’s break-in guidelines for this car. As they point out, the tires have obviously been roasted, a big no-no for a C8 with less than 500 miles on the clock.

Would you buy this car and roll the dice? Or would you just sit there and fantasize about owning a C8 Corvette Z06 that hasn’t been stolen?

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