Watch A C8 Corvette Z06 Wreck Out Big

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It’s a total loss!

The new C8 Z06 Corvette is one hot item many enthusiasts and even collectors are itching to get their hands on. Seeing one crashed gloriously in any circumstance is going to be gut-wrenching for some people, so we’ll warn you that this video of one crashing at Virginia International Raceway recently might be too graphic for some viewers.

Learn about one C8 Corvette Z06’s owners series of unfortunate events here.

In the video, we see the driver enter a turn a little too hot. Before people start lambasting the poor soul, when you’re pushing a car on the track it’s easy to go a little too far and crash. This is why track insurance exists and why tracks require certain safety equipment, some going so far as requiring lessons before you can do hot laps.

Despite what people who have never really pushed a car other than trying to drift their mom’s Camry in an empty grocery store parking lot or blowing hours on Forza Horizon, sticking turns like this takes real skill.  

Still, seeing such an amazing vehicle, what many argue is in fact a true American supercar, get brutally battered by a barrier as it spins out of control is both heartbreaking and fascinating. Even though the accident took place at close to 80 mph the driver wasn’t the least bit hurt, so hats off to the GM engineers for creating such a safe yet potent performance car.

As for the car, it didn’t fare so well. Most of the damage is in the front end, which pretty much exploded on impact. That’s in part why the driver didn’t get mangled. The rear of the C8 Z06 doesn’t look entirely pretty, but we wouldn’t be surprised to learn the engine is just fine.

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